Run… or don’t

The last two years I have been consumed by this goal of running a half marathon. Only a half. So, I have been living and breathing training. Trying to work up to the mileage that I needed in order to finish and maybe even have a decent time when I reached the finish line. Maybe. Running a full marathon has never been something that sounded like fun to me. Exciting yes, but my body is not equipped for that nonsense. So my first half, if you will.

My long runs on the weekend got longer. The days got hotter. Then they started getting cooler and I got up earlier and earlier to run in the frigid temps. Looking back it was really not so bad. It was somewhat peaceful actually. Cold air and silence. Nobody gets up that early on a Sunday.

Babies can do crazy, amazing, and frustrating things to your body. This was one way I convinced myself to get back into shape. Train for a few races and eat healthy for many months. Guess what? It worked. I lost all the weight that I set out to lose and then some. After seeing some awful pictures of myself and realizing I was unhealthy looking I needed a goal. It wasn’t just a commitment for myself either. My husband encouraged it and not just because it was mostly free.

Fast forward to October 19, 2014. I ran in a local event. It was the most perfect running weather you could imagine. I tried so hard to come in at 2 hours, but my official time was 2:06:37. BLAST! I will relive this day for many months and years to come. Will I run another? I have no idea, but the fact I did it one time at the tender age of 30 and got into the best shape of my life has me really proud of myself right now. Once that wears off I will think about the next goal. Here are some race day photos. I was overwhelmed with excitement as you can see. That or I was trying to not take myself too seriously. There’s also nothing like seeing your family at the finish line cheering you on to bring a smile to your face after a 2+ hour workout.

15456476098_55e7ff7daf_k 15459344620_75f9dcf361_k 15642614055_fe71547fbb_kphoto (7)


These next two aren’t from race day. They are from about a week after and I just wanted to make it clear that I wasn’t giving up. I mean look at the scenery. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy this beauty?!

image (1)image

Run… or don’t

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