All the Fall

This past weekend we did our fall family photos. They didn’t go quite as expected. If you know about light and photography you know that the golden hour with the perfect light for photographs lasts no time at all. Cooperation from two toddlers before we lost that light on one of the most gorgeous fall evenings was unrealistic. I managed to get a few shots of them that turned out shockingly OK.

Stressing over fall photo outfit options? I’m right there with you. I literally start planning in March. It’s not something I’m proud of, but Evie had a total of three outfits at any given time throughout the year before I settled on hers. It is fun to dress the kids up and match, but not *match*. Does that even make sense? I went with navy and orange as our color scheme this year. Here is a little sneak peek into our session. Thanks to my brother for taking time out of his Sunday to snap a few for us. He got in a few with his pup, Bleu, too. Aren’t they darling?

fall201413 fall201414 fall201416fall201415 fall201417 fall201418 fall201419 fall201420fall201412

All the Fall

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