Our Thanksgiving was traditional. We woke up and had some souped up cinnamon rolls (recipe here). I only make them once a year because they are just so bad for you, but it’s something that’s great to look forward to and can really help stretch our bellies for a great big dinner later in the day. DSC_5216 DSC_5220 DSC_5226We watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade and ooh and aah at the floats, balloons, and songs. thanks20143Pete even starts feeling the holiday cheer. Until I leave him outside after a potty break to take a quick snap of him with his snow covered face. Poor guy. thanks20144We also got our holiday photo. I do this for just about every holiday. It’s always a giant mess and someone almost always ends up in tears, me, but it’s worth it and it’s worth the bribe of gummies to get one shot like this for our memory book. thanks20141I love these little people even when they make me work for it. Hard. I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving Day!


Festival of Trees 2014

We always visit the Santa at the Festival of Trees. He is the best and totally stays in character even when the kids flip out. It’s totally worth the small fee and a little bit of chaos with how busy it gets. Luckily, my mom usually comes with and it’s a really good photo opportunity. Lots of good natural light and so many pretty things for festive backdrops.  nov2014 nov20142 nov20143 nov20144DSC_4978DSC_4983

Festival of Trees 2014

Snow Days and Sick Days

We got our first light dusting of snow and the kids couldn’t have been happier about it. Ace wants to eat it all and Evie was just curious since she was way too young to remember it last year. I can’t wait to take them sledding and build a snowman and snow angels. They are already asking about our Christmas tree and about our Elf on the Shelf: Soup. Yes, his name is Soup. Ace has a mind of his own.

3yr16 3yr17 3yr17bwDSC_4616DSC_4619DSC_4620

Evie was sent home from school sick the other day. She’s teething (4 at once, ouch) so she’s been a real peach lately. we organized some closets and danced around in pretty clothes to Shake it Off.

1yr23months 1yr23months1 2yr1

Snow Days and Sick Days

Hocus Pocus

This year I was looking for costumes that were cheap and warm. I didn’t have any ideas for costumes like I normally do months in advance. Instead I found Ace’s costume by chance at TJ Maxx on the cheap. Evie’s is from a consignment shop here in town. She LOVES it (read hates). I’m open to ideas for costumes for next year because, yes, I plan that far out. What can I say? I’m not ashamed of it.

On Halloween we normally hang out with our neighbors since they have two kids right around A & E’s ages. We cook up something festive and hang out around a fire and the kids that come to the house get to pick from both of our bowls of candy. Win win.


Hocus Pocus

Run… or don’t

The last two years I have been consumed by this goal of running a half marathon. Only a half. So, I have been living and breathing training. Trying to work up to the mileage that I needed in order to finish and maybe even have a decent time when I reached the finish line. Maybe. Running a full marathon has never been something that sounded like fun to me. Exciting yes, but my body is not equipped for that nonsense. So my first half, if you will.

My long runs on the weekend got longer. The days got hotter. Then they started getting cooler and I got up earlier and earlier to run in the frigid temps. Looking back it was really not so bad. It was somewhat peaceful actually. Cold air and silence. Nobody gets up that early on a Sunday.

Babies can do crazy, amazing, and frustrating things to your body. This was one way I convinced myself to get back into shape. Train for a few races and eat healthy for many months. Guess what? It worked. I lost all the weight that I set out to lose and then some. After seeing some awful pictures of myself and realizing I was unhealthy looking I needed a goal. It wasn’t just a commitment for myself either. My husband encouraged it and not just because it was mostly free.

Fast forward to October 19, 2014. I ran in a local event. It was the most perfect running weather you could imagine. I tried so hard to come in at 2 hours, but my official time was 2:06:37. BLAST! I will relive this day for many months and years to come. Will I run another? I have no idea, but the fact I did it one time at the tender age of 30 and got into the best shape of my life has me really proud of myself right now. Once that wears off I will think about the next goal. Here are some race day photos. I was overwhelmed with excitement as you can see. That or I was trying to not take myself too seriously. There’s also nothing like seeing your family at the finish line cheering you on to bring a smile to your face after a 2+ hour workout.

15456476098_55e7ff7daf_k 15459344620_75f9dcf361_k 15642614055_fe71547fbb_kphoto (7)


These next two aren’t from race day. They are from about a week after and I just wanted to make it clear that I wasn’t giving up. I mean look at the scenery. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy this beauty?!

image (1)image

Run… or don’t

The Reason for the Season: Fall Traditions

Fall traditions make me the happiest. I (somewhat) scrap my healthy eating and bust out some really delicious homemade dishes. There is nothing better than homemade chili and apple crisp on an *ahem* chilly and crisp fall evening.

After pictures we went home for homemade grilled pizza, beet salad (OK maybe that’s kind of summery, but it was delicious), and homemade apple crisp (again, it’s a fave and so easy). Then we carved a pumpkin. Yes, only one. I always have this idea in my mind that the kids will love all of the food I make and everything will go smooth and we will take fun pictures and everything will be like one big pinterest board of rainbows and glitter. The kids said no to food they hadn’t tried, they tried yanking the tarp off of the table before we even started scooping pumpkin guts much less carving, and no apple crisp for them. Only vanilla ice cream. Who’s kids are these?

Disclaimer: I promise to get better at food photos. Sometimes the chaos of cooking and making sure the children aren’t trying to escape the yard or attack each other consumes me.

image (12)
Hot hubby grilling out with Pete.
image (13)
Barbecue chicken pizza with pineapple.
Tomato, basil, and pepperoni.
image (14)
Beet salad. Click on the photo for a link to the recipe.

I’m getting a little too excited about my once a year cinnamon roll breakfast that I make on Thanksgiving morning. They are the worst kind of goodness you can imagine. I make them and sit with the kids and watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade and drink too much coffee. Stay tuned for that delicious post at a later date.

Until then, here’s a few snaps of the crazies. My crazies. Please excuse the yellow photos. I’ll have more time to edit photos with the crazy busy fall season is over. DSC_1432 DSC_1429DSC_1437 DSC_1440 DSC_1445

image (15) image (16)

The Reason for the Season: Fall Traditions

All the Fall

This past weekend we did our fall family photos. They didn’t go quite as expected. If you know about light and photography you know that the golden hour with the perfect light for photographs lasts no time at all. Cooperation from two toddlers before we lost that light on one of the most gorgeous fall evenings was unrealistic. I managed to get a few shots of them that turned out shockingly OK.

Stressing over fall photo outfit options? I’m right there with you. I literally start planning in March. It’s not something I’m proud of, but Evie had a total of three outfits at any given time throughout the year before I settled on hers. It is fun to dress the kids up and match, but not *match*. Does that even make sense? I went with navy and orange as our color scheme this year. Here is a little sneak peek into our session. Thanks to my brother for taking time out of his Sunday to snap a few for us. He got in a few with his pup, Bleu, too. Aren’t they darling?

fall201413 fall201414 fall201416fall201415 fall201417 fall201418 fall201419 fall201420fall201412

All the Fall